Investing in Vietnam is a Great Opportunity

For those travelers looking for options for five-star hotels in Vietnam, the Amanoi resorts and residences are a great choice. Located along the southern coast of lush, Southeast Asian country, they offer the perfect balance between luxurious accommodations and an authentic exotic experience.


In particular, Amonoi is situated right between one of Vietnam’s most beautiful national parks, Nui Chua National Park, and an exquisite marine reserve. Adventurers will find miles of untouched wilderness as they hike peacefully through a green tropical forest teaming with a rainbow of flowering plants, colorful birds, and towering trees. At the marine reserve, visitors come to explore the pristine waters of the Vinh Hy Bay, filled with rare coral, uniquely vibrant schools of fish, and a beauty and serenity impossible to describe.


Back at the resort Amanoi’s five-star hotel, status is clearly evident. Guests can treat themselves to the pampering of a host of treatments along the shores of a tranquil, lovely lake covered in deliciously fragrant lotus blossoms. There are specialty scrubs, facials, hair care opportunities, and both half-day or whole-day wellness experiences. Amanoi offers their own brand of all-natural products to complete the perfect spa experience.


Dining at Amanoi is an unforgettable experience. Open to non-residents as well as hotel guests, all enjoy the freshest fish from the Vinh Hy Bay, delivered anew each day straight from the fishing boats that ply the bay for its incredible culinary delights. The fish is prepared with traditional simplicity using local ingredients, resulting in an incomparable dining experience. The meal is unforgettably complemented by a panoramic view of the bay beyond the green, rolling hills of the surrounding area.


Amanoi offers the option of the purchase of a villa. Owners have access to a private beach and all of the resorts amazing facilities, including the Aman Spa overlooking the lotus-filled lake. The incredible location, superior accommodations, and abundant dining choices collaborate to make an Amonoi Villa purchase an amazing life-style choice.