Vladislav Doronin Replacing Adrian Zecha as CEO of Aman Group

Vladislav Doronin
Vladislav Doronin

High-end real estate developer Vladislav Doronin has been appointed the new CEO of the Aman Group, the holding company of Amanresorts, a world-class collection of luxury resort destinations. Global business leader and brand-building expert Johan Eliasch will take over as Chairman of the Group. Both positions were vacated simultaneously when Adrian Zecha, the company’s founder, decided to leave his positions as CEO and Chairman.

Vladislav Doronin, known as Vladimir Doronin in the West, is a well-known global real estate developer and the lead investor in the Aman Group. He is the Chairman and Founder of Capital Group, which Doronin launched 21 years-ago in Russia. Over the years since its inception Capital Group has become one of the largest real estate development companies in Russia.

Eliasch is the CEO and Chairman of the international sporting goods group known as Head N.V., and the former Special Representative of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He also serves as Chairman of several firms, including Equity Partners, Cool Earth, and London Films.

Doronin commented on his expectations for the future of the Aman Group and his role as CEO:

“The Aman Group’s philosophy is to immerse guests in a unique and personal experience.  We intend to preserve the spirit of Aman while growing the brand through future strategic development opportunities including exotic locations for which the brand is well-known as well as into major metropolitan destinations. As lead investor and CEO, I am dedicated to ensuring that the organization has the necessary resources to sustain and enhance its position as an industry pioneer. The future holds great promise for this iconic brand.”