Shanghai to Become Regional Hub for International Commerce

At Shanghai’s 23rd International Business Leaders’ Advisory Council (IBLAC), over 500 government officials were told that the city is on its way to becoming a regional base for international trade within Asia’s economy.

“It’s the beginning of an Asian century,” Maurice Greenberg, the former chairman of IBLAC, said. “Shanghai is not only the major port of entry in Asia, but also the world’s trade center- with its population, talent and business environment, it has everything necessary to become a leader, not only in Asia, but the world.”

Numerous VIPs agreed, stating that the goals would be reached by 2020. According to former U.S. secretary of commerce Carlos Gutierrez, as well as Shanghai Mayor Han Zheng, the city will undoubtedly become a world leader in business, finance, shipping and trade.

“Shanghai has transformed into a modern metropolitan city from one that was traditionally industrial and commerce-based,” said Mayor Zheng. “Looking to the future, we plan to build the city into a market with the capacity to allocate resources to the world.

“In order to do so, we must insist on building a market driven by innovation, and developed strategically.”