SEC Point Capital Inflows Stock

Conrad Theerachai Secretary-General of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said that foreign investment flows to the Thai bond market. And the stock market surpassed the 900 point of talking to foreign securities companies were foreign investors that Thailand’s equity investment. Because the rate of economic growth has been high the credit rating has been organized well. And improved management of government listed companies. The SEC continues to monitor continuously and believes that once Thai shares rose to another level and price incentives would not be diluted by market forces.

The bond market showed rapid growth. The value of the bond market increased from 11,000 million dollars. Representing 11 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) is U.S. $ 193,000 million. Representing 70 percent of GDP after the crisis in Thailand in 2540 through the bond market. Of capital inflows reached U.S. $ 3,000 million during the past eight months.