Venture Fund Actively Attracts Foreign Capital

Korea Venture InvestmentSmall Business Administration Executive Director Gim Dong Seon has said: diversification of  venture capital investment funds and venture companies to the globalization of foreign investments that have been promoted since last year  has led to tangible results , resulting in a competitive small and medium enterprises.  Venture investment is expected to be more and more as time continues.

AJUIB funds held by the General Assembly, the Korea Venture Investment (NYSE Celltrion ), and the Belgian Solvay ( chemicals Specialized Group ) Saga investment cooperation MOU signed last April for 20 Billion Dollar. The Solvay predecessor fund investment and South Korea invested 100 billion.

Evolvence Capital in Dubai Invests in India

Khaled al Muhairi Evolvence CapitalEvolvence Capital investment fund in Dubai, competent in the field of alternative investments announced its intention to invest from a pool of  400 million U.S. dollars equivalent to one billion and 472 million dirhams from Complex Companies and institutional investors and high net worth individuals around the world.

Khaled al- Muhairi , CEO of Evolvence Capital, told reporters on July 21st, in Dubai that the Indian economy has shown remarkable resilience in coping with the repercussions of the global financial crisis , as it has maintained a record growth rate of 2.7 per cent during the current fiscal year 2010.

Khaled al- Muhairi explained that this growth is based on a broad base of potential and long-term fundamentals in the private equity sector in India, which represents an important market for Evolvence Capital through effective investments since 2004 .

Khaled al- Muhairi and that Evolvence Capital is to provide exceptional return on investments for its clients by identifying attractive investment opportunities in India, where Evolvence Capital Fund will focus on new categories of growth in the market for medium-sized companies needing to increase their capital to expand their work.

Oman Investment Fund – Indian capital of 1.5 billion dollars

OmanMinister of National Economy and Deputy Chairman of the Financial Affairs and Energy Resources Ahmed bin Abdul Nabi Makki tomorrow ‘s visit to India to sign the final agreement with the Indian Oman Investment Fund – worth 5.1 billion dollars.

An official source in Oman to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) , who preferred anonymity said that the Fund will provide support for bilateral trade and joint investment between the two countries , pointing out that the agreement would help both countries to ensure the financing of a number of projects.

He added that the Sultanate will be the first Gulf country to sign a joint investment fund agreement with India and will have a significant economic Mrod between the two countries during the coming years.

The agreement was reached during the visit of Indian Prime Minister of the Sultanate in 2008 where they signed a memorandum of understanding between the two countries to be an initial capital fund of 100 million dollars.

The Fund would be managed by the Reserve Fund of the Sultanate is the investment arm of the Sultanate and the Bank ( State of India).

India is one of the top trading partners of the Sultanate , where the volume of trade exchange between them 5.2 billion dollars

Council for Science and Technology Has Selected 8 Priority Areas

Japanese Government Council for Science and Technology (and former Prime Minister Naoto Kan, president ) on Wednesday selected 8 key strategy areas of science and technology in particular to focus on as part of a budget allocation request “action plan.”  One of them is the 100,000 genome ( genome ) to help decode the prevention of disease “research Genomukohoto “ with the current emphasis on life and health. Another area of focus is the environmental field of long lasting fuel cell development.

This development plan adopted by the cabinet in June is the first attempt to realize a new growth strategy A decision will be made soon at the plenary session in order promote concrete policies and budget requests to the ministry efficiently .

The Genomukohoto study takes about 20 years to register 100,000 people who wish to track the health status and to develop prevention methods against diseases such as dementia and strokes while using genetic information to decipher preventative methods.

Zhang Yun Inspires Investors in China

Agricultural Bank of China Governor Zhang Yun:

The Agricultural Bank of China will participate in the strategic placement of investors in their respective areas of expertise to lead at their technological level and rich management expertise. I believe these investors that join the Bank will help promote sound corporate governance, improve internal control standards , improve existing products , technologies, and improve staff quality.  This will help our world-class banks to move , and ultimately enhance our value .

Nifty climbed at 5312 , Sensex up 167 points

Indian stock market’s key index was down today and closed with gains after some downs . Nifty crossed the psychological level of 5,300 . FMCG , oil – gas and auto sector stocks most shopping trend .

Sensex 167 points ie 0.95 % on 17 701 ‘s with the strength . 1:07 % ie Nifty 56 points to 5312 with the increasingly close. NSE CNX Midcap index of the medium is the weakness of 0.77 % . BSE Midcap Index 0.46 % and 0.44% at BSE Smulcape getting stronger .

Negative signals from Asian stock markets among the major indices of Indian stock market this morning began within minutes of the opening the Sensex market and Nifty. The latter slipped to 5210 . However, before business hours Sensex – Nifty recovered from their early fall to get into the green. Then in the early hours Sensex – Nifty went up a limited scope – then down .

SUN Hong-Tao Dong: World Has 3-5 Years of Deleveraging

China- According to investment financial specialist SUN Hong-Tao Dong, the most important global macroeconomic changes of the global economy are entering a long period of deleveraging. In China the deleveraging process will continue for 3-5 years , at least to 2012. The European economy the deleveraging process will be longer with some estimated it to last 5-10 years. The deleverageing process has long term implications for Chinese stock markets.

One implication is that low-income groups in proportion to the national income distribution will gradually rise. The  low-end Chinese consumer goods and services will be the biggest winner in the next few years the stock market .

Policy Debate and Economy in Japan

The business community that the official election policy debates are closely watching the 24th . Yonekura Hiromasa Nippon Keidanren said, “We seek serious and responsible political debate “and said in a statement , when it comes to specifics of economic policy .

Future growth strategy and tax and fiscal reforms in spite directly related to business activities shall Naoto Kan government ” a strong economy , strong finances , a strong social security ” is not yet fully drawn toward the realization of the path Because there are complaints .

Sakurai Mitsumasa the Chairman of the Association of Corporate Executives for government fiscal management strategy ” does not indicate the specific content of tax reform , ” the report said. Economic growth strategy in the ” policy debate should be deepened to provide concrete measures for growth, ” he said.

Even Japanese Chamber of Commerce Chairman Okamura Tadashi , ” hopes to deepen the national debate over race in earnest , ” and issued a statement .

However , there were also concerns about world economic instability in the Japanese government has repeatedly change during the LDP prime minister in less than a year . Nippon Keidanren officials , ” they misspent time is spent on various procedures associated with change . shelf bleaching becomes important bills in the National Assembly would also late of the joint international expansion, “he said .

Kan inauguration , just came out of politics and policy dialogue momentum was cold , the business community is ” long-term stability of the regime should ” also reveals the real intention and direction.