Korean Industrialists Awarded for innovation and management quality

Hyundai Steel’s Woory Industrial Co. and KOMOS will receive the top award in the National Quality Management Award ceremony which will be held in Seoul this Tuesday.

Chief executives of Seoul Commtech Co. and Korea South East Power Corp. and will be awarded the esteemed Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service.

The National Quality Management Award is awarded to individuals and organizations who have made important contributions to promoting management quality. These awards are overseen by the Korean Standards Association and organized by the Ministry of Economic Knowledge which is the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards.

Woory Industrial and KOMOS manufacture automobile parts. The former specializes in sensors and parts related to temperature control equipment. KOMOS produces steering wheels and related equipment.

The data shows that the stock prices of the companies that have received the award between 2005 and 2009 have increased at a higher rate than the average for the benchmark KOSPI.

According to available data, award winners’ stocks rose 5.78 percent more than the KOSPI average during the half year following the award. The rate increased to 11.77 percent for the year after they received the award.

Korea South East Power Corp. chief executive Jang Do-soo and Mr. Oh Se-Young, chief executive of Seoul Commtech Co. will receive these rewards.