James Donovan Investing in Hong Kong and China

James Donovan Goldman SachsJames Donovan used to be an investment banker in the same vein as a Goldman Sachs Partner or Citi Bank fund manager. But that was 25 years ago.  Now James Donovan heads up one of the biggest clean tech investment firms in the world called FirstCarbon Solutions.

Under the guidance of James Donovan FirstCarbon Solutions partners with its clients to figure out what their business challenges are. They offer recommendations and implement carbon-management solutions that make business sense today.

Many of the companies that James Donovan and his FirstCarbon Solutions are in Hong Kong and China.  By partnering with growing companies in this budding arena of global investment, James Donovan has secured himself a leading role in Asian business and investment growth. Most recently FirstCarbon Solutions has recently run a seminar on its expanding operations in China.

“As an organization’s operations grow, so does the demand for managing, reporting and reducing GHG emissions,” said James Donovan, CEO, FirstCarbon Solutions. “The Mandarin version of FirstCarbon Solutions ghgTrack will provide local Chinese companies with a cost-effective software solution that’s easy-to-use yet robust enough to meet data-intensive demands as requirements grow. No matter the size of the organization, collecting, reporting and managing GHG emissions begins with data, and tools like FirstCarbon Solutions ghgTrack help companies make sense of it all.”

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