China’s Economy Threatened by Global Crisis

Chinese leaders have implied that times may get tougher for the country’s exports with a warning that the global crisis may impact the nation’s economy.

Vice Premier Wang Qishan, the top financial official in China, encouraged companies to contribute their efforts to securing a “stable increase” in exports, despite the lessening of external demand.

“The severe and complex world economic situation will inevitably mean global demand is insufficient,” Wang said.

Over the past year, China’s exports increased 15.9%, or $157.49 billion, down from the $169.7 billion of the previous year. The fall is a result of decreasing demand in Europe and the U.S.

Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming agreed with this approach, also warning that the global woes may have negative results on the nation’s economic growth next year.

“Under the influence of the contracting international economy and market, China’s economic growth next year may slow slightly,” he said.