al-Assad Meets Arab Businessmen

Last Saturday, President Bashar al-Assad met up with a whole delegation of Arab businessmen, where they discussed the “status of the Arab investments in Syria and their future in light of the comprehensive reforms witnessed in Syria.” Other topics under review included how investments are meant to help the national economy along with their participation in reform and the creation of stability. The President was extremely appreciative of the additional investments to Syria that have been made by Arabs “in spite of all the circumstances,” since such investments have “a promising future.” The investors were also pleased, especially with the reforms occurring in Syria that are said to “reflect positively on all the spheres.” Other potential problems were discussed vis-à-vis what has been making investors’ work tough and how to put into practice various methods needed to ease permits that will assist in improved growth rates while creating additional jobs for youths. The Arab businessmen were delighted with the President and his devotion to reform, especially since he was aware of all the issues that have been “hindering work.” Thus he has been encouraging moving ahead with investment projects in a job creation initiative.

Syrian Investment

There has been increased confidence in Syrian investments and that things in general are going well. Further, new procedural reforms will affect “facilitating investments” especially given the President’s “quarterly meetings with Arab investors to inform him of the problems hindering projects and progress of existing projects, adding that this made the investors very comfortable as there is a mechanism through which they can achieve their goals.” In addition, Anas al-Kezbari, (Investment in Syria Group CEO), said that President al-Assad’s meeting gave everyone much confidence in Syria’s economy and that given the reforms, any investments that are likely to “achieve economic feasibility and benefit[s] Syrian citizens” will receive “great momentum.” Further, Syria’s economy is likely to be subject to a huge “upswing in the next stage,” that will lead to further job opportunities. New investment projects will also begin, further stabilizing the economy. So in general, President Bashar al-Assad’s meeting went really well. There is a lot of confidence and now a lot of potential for the Syrian economy, as well as a real potential for improvement in the quality of life for Syrians, especially those currently unemployed.