Bulgarian-Turkish Investment

According to a recent report from Bulgarian News Agency BTA, Trakia Glass Bulgaria which is owned by Sisecam (a Turkish-owned glass-maker) – is due to make a $60m investment “in capacity expansion in 2012.”

As reported in a news article on the web, these funds will be put towards “increasing the capacity of an existing tableware furnace and opening a second furnace at its plant near Bulgaria’s northeastern town of Turgovishte.”  This upgrade will do a lot.  Indeed, the current furnace’s daily glass output will be expanded by a staggering 18 tons.  As well, at the new facility, there will be an increase in production of up to 200 tons of tableware glass each day.

As well, at some point, this will lead to a job-creation scheme and provide a further 200 jobs.  Right now anyway the employee count at Sisecam’s tableware glass unit stands at 1,000.  Just a few months ago, earlier this year, the fifth production facility was opened at the plant which is set to “manufacture motor vehicles.”

To date, the invetment in the Bulgarian unit made by Sisecam has reached $405m.