West Asia Region Projected to Collect $90 Billion by 2020

A recent survey launched by the Airport Show reveals that the West Asia region has extremely high potential for growth and investment over the next five years. In fact, $90 billion is projected to go into the industry between 2013 and 2020.

The survey, which was held just before the inaugural Global Airport Leaders’ Forum, shows that 64.4% of the respondents voted for the West Asia region. 16.7% voted for Asia Pacific, while Central Asia and African regions won 5.2% of the votes.

The West Asia region is expected to handle 400 million passengers over the next seven years, including 98 million by Dubai airport.

The survey said: “An investment of $90 billion is projected to go into aviationindustry in the Middle East by the year 2020.”

Airport Show event director Daniyal Qureshi stated: “Senior executives from across the international aviation industry have contributed to the survey and we believe the survey results will contribute significantly to the important discussions at the Global Airport Leaders’ Forum and help highlight the key challenges and opportunities industry leaders face today.”