Qatar Plans to Increase its Investments in Socotra


In a letter to President Ali Abdullah Saleh, said the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani said his country is ready to establish a Yemeni company – country to explore for oil and gas and develop oil fields in Yemen, in addition to investing in the development of tourism to the island of Socotra.

The Chairman welcomed the country in favor of investments in Yemen and praised the role played by Qatar in the protection of Yemen’s unity and security.

Socotra continues to be the focus of recent tourist projects in Yemen. Its natural beauty and remote destination has caused it to a destination for adventurers. Now the Yemeni government is hoping to transform it into a source of revenue. With tourism increasing in general in Yemen, the leaders want to capitalize on a wave of what they see as a positive international interest and foreign investment.

Socotra maybe the key to Yemen’s success.