New Railway Development Plan Costing $106 Billion Spurs China CSR and CNR in Shanghai

Chinese-trainDue to the government’s announcement that China will invest 700 Yuan ($106 Billion) in the railroads in 2011, the stocks of China’s two biggest train manufacturers, CSR Corp. and China CNR Corp., shot up in trading on the Shanghai market.

In China there is a trading limit that stocks can only go up by ten percent per day. China CNR reached its ten percent limit and CSR rose 9.8 percent after the Govenment announcement. According to Railway Minister Liu Zhijun, this investment decision is part of China’s plan to expand it railways from 91,000 Kilometers to 120,000 in 5 years. 1.68 billion passengers traveled on the railways in 2011 and freight transports rose to 3.63 billion tons which is 9.3 percent increase. Improving railways will also reduce air pollution and traffic.

In addition, a Shanghai-Beijing high-speed train line will be starting up in June of 2011 at a cost of 220.9 Billion Yuan.