South Korea’s KIC Coordinates Sovereign Funds For Mutual Investments.

South Korea’s $37 billion sovereign wealth fund, The Korea Investment corp. intends to make three to four strategic investments in the coming year. They will invest with other state funds in order to diversify their portfolio.

Chief Investment Officer Scott E. Kalb said that “We are in discussions with our counterparts, sovereign wealth funds all over…We have already looked at a number of transactions together and we’re looking at some that are pending — our end goal is to wind up having a diversified strategic portfolio in a variety of sectors and countries.”

According to Kalb, KIC is investing more in public and non-traditional assets such as real estate and private equity in developing countries due to growth opportunities.

KIC has invested in some infrastructure and real estate investments in China. It has purchased properties in other Asian markets, African private equity, and is considering investments in Latin America, India, and more in China, he said. The company is investigating purchasing Japanese property due to rising prices.