Malaysia Investment News

by Khalzuri Yazid
by Khalzuri Yazid

Lhoist is making a substantial investment in Malaysia. The Belgium-based lime-producing firm that boasts a yearly turnover of two billion Euros is planning on building the largest lime plant Asia has ever seen in Tapah, Perak. In addition, it will construct a research and support center with a Kuala Lumpur regional office. It will be putting 170 million Euros into the first phase of this expansion.

It seems Malaysia might be becoming a hotbed of investments. According to the Multimedia Development Corporation BhD (MDeC), in 2015, the region could expect “an influx of investments in information and communication technology (ICT).” This could be explained in part by the funding of private sector training, R&D, sustained infrastructure expansion etc. Further, as Ng Wan Peng, COO of MDeC pointed out, even though in 2014 Malaysia encountered economic challenges, its productivity did not slow. Further, the digital industry really advanced with a contribution of RM160.8 billion to the 2013 GDP.

Further, over the next five years Brooke Renewables will be investing $1 billion in Malaysia in order to construct a second-generation bio-ethanol and bio-chemical plant. This will be the first commercial facility to exist in Southeast Asia that will produce second-generation biofuel made from inedible crops.

So Malaysia is fast becoming the Asian address for investments.