Manulife Issues RMB Savings-Iinsurance Plan

renminbiIn expectation of the increasing value of China’s currency, Manulife is launching several renminbi-based financial/insurance plans in Hong Kong. During the last five years, the RMB has increased twenty five percent against the dollar. Meanwhile, with China’s approval, Hong Kong has become the major offshore center for China’s currency. From January to November 2010, Renminbi deposits increased by 240% to Rmb2.2 trillion which is $32.9 billion.

Manulife’s first plan is a single-premium savings insurance plan which matures in five years and provides capital security and guaranteed returns. The yearly return is 1.8% in renminbi, which will probably increase in Hong Kong dollars if the renminbi’s upward trend continued.

Wang Yu-Ming, of Hong Kong Manulife Asset Management, says that developing foreign renminbi trade is a major priority: “China is anticipating that the renminbi will become one of the world’s future reserve currencies, and that in and of itself should make investors pay attention.”