FansTang Aims to Bridge Gap Between China and Hollywood

As many investors and entrepreneurs know, Asia is currently teeming with business and investment opportunities. Adam Roseman, an investment banker and businessman with experience in the region, recently launched a new project called FansTang. Based in Shanghai, the “hall of fans” aims to provide American celebrities with connections throughout China. According to Roseman, the FansTang data-driven approach is one-of-a-kind. The company specializes in endorsement deals, PR trips and events, and is also producing a daily segment for Shanghai’s satellite network which focuses on Hollywood.

“There was no People Magazine and no Twitter with a common language,” Adam Roseman explained. As a result, Chinese fans had no way of connecting with their favorite stars. “On the other hand, Hollywood stars have demonstrated a clear interest in China. Our goal is to obtain data, whether it’s for them in negotiating film deals or concert promotions, or linking them with the right ad agency. Given the extreme important of China across all these groups, being able to help build relationships with the fans and to activate marketing campaigns is very valuable.”

Roseman added, “We are a data-driven business, and we keep on top of online views, TV and music downloads and other trends every day. We have a better sense than anyone at any given point in time what’s popular and relevant in this market, and it doesn’t always correlate with what’s already popular in the U.S.”

“The key to monetizing China is to understand local Chinese consumers and provide them with what they want, while creating competitive barriers in an area that local Chinese entrepreneurs cannot easily replicate on their own,” Adam Roseman said in an interview. “We are seeing success in doing this because we are bridging the gap between China and Hollywood, not only for our fans but for celebrities as well.”

Roseman explained that FansTang is best equipped to serve Hollywood stars because it combines a thorough understanding of Western culture with Roseman’s extensive experience working in China.

“Chinese business culture and the culture of Hollywood are two very distinctive, strong cultures,” he said. “To be able to cross that bridge, you have to have both patience and experience.”