Smith Electric Vehicles Close to Hong Kong Deal

Smith Electric Vehicles owned by Tanfield Group is believed to be in advanced discussions with the Hong Kong government to provide the municipality with electric minibuses. It is known that Hong Kong has been actively pursuing electric vehicles for the city’s fleet.

Hong Kong suffers from intense air quality issues, so it is hoped that the mini-buses from Smith Electric Vehicles (if the deal goes through), will help to increase the air quality in the city. This latest deal comes after a series of previous deals between Smith Electric Vehicles and the Hong Kong Government, where the city bought 15 Smith all-electric vehicles in the past 18 months.

Smith Electric Vehicles has recently merged with its US partner on January 1 in a £9.74m deal.

The Smith Electric Vehicles division was bought by its US partner Smith Electric Vehicles US, which is represented by the investment bank in which the North-East firm held a 49 per cent stake. The Smith Electric Vehicles US named Wynston Hill Captial as its lead investment banker last year.  Corey Singman and Bruce Shalett are the Investment Bankers for Wynston Hill Capital in connection to Smith Electric Vehicles US.  The deal has still allowed Tanfield to hold the same percentage within the new, enlarged company.