Yahoo In Talks to Sell Asian Shares

Yahoo, a major U.S.-based internet company, may sell a significant amount of its Asian investments. According to inside sources, the plan can put $17 billion on the holdings, putting the value of the Asian stakes at more than the entire company’s worth as of September.

The transaction will be discussed at a board meeting later today, as part of an intensive review of the company following the departure of former chief executive Carol Bartz.

One source, who is directly involved in discussions, has revealed that valuations are still unclear, and that so far offers have fallen short of $17 billion. Another source added that whether Yahoo executives choose this option or not, the deal will take at least three weeks to close.

Reports have stated that Yahoo’s primary negotiations are related to stakes in Yahoo Japan, as well as Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce group. Yahoo’s partners in Asia, Alibaba and Softbank, made the initial offer to buy back the 40% stake in Alibab and the 35% in Yahoo Japan this past October. Today’s discussions will focus on Yahoo keeping a 15% share in Alibaba for future gains in China, with all remaining holdings to be sold.