Policy Debate and Economy in Japan

The business community that the official election policy debates are closely watching the 24th . Yonekura Hiromasa Nippon Keidanren said, “We seek serious and responsible political debate “and said in a statement , when it comes to specifics of economic policy .

Future growth strategy and tax and fiscal reforms in spite directly related to business activities shall Naoto Kan government ” a strong economy , strong finances , a strong social security ” is not yet fully drawn toward the realization of the path Because there are complaints .

Sakurai Mitsumasa the Chairman of the Association of Corporate Executives for government fiscal management strategy ” does not indicate the specific content of tax reform , ” the report said. Economic growth strategy in the ” policy debate should be deepened to provide concrete measures for growth, ” he said.

Even Japanese Chamber of Commerce Chairman Okamura Tadashi , ” hopes to deepen the national debate over race in earnest , ” and issued a statement .

However , there were also concerns about world economic instability in the Japanese government has repeatedly change during the LDP prime minister in less than a year . Nippon Keidanren officials , ” they misspent time is spent on various procedures associated with change . shelf bleaching becomes important bills in the National Assembly would also late of the joint international expansion, “he said .

Kan inauguration , just came out of politics and policy dialogue momentum was cold , the business community is ” long-term stability of the regime should ” also reveals the real intention and direction.