Pakistan to Maintain Close Chinese Relations

It has been agreed that “cordial relations” will be maintained between China and Pakistan.  According to Inamul Haq (the country’s former state Minister for Foreign Affairs), everyone is in total agreement on this.  At a recent seminar, he said that Chinese investments and projects in Pakistan had reached $25bn and that this figure was increasing all the time.  He said,I believe that the US will not leave Afghanistan which is a center from where they can watch China, Pakistan, Iran and other important regional players.  Afghanistan is home to billions of gold and copper reserves while same is the case with Pakistan which has untapped reserves of gold, copper, oil and gas worth billions of dollars.”

Efforts by Chinese Government

In addition, according to an article in Dawn Prof. Zhong Rong said the Chinese government had been making significant efforts to “ensure economic development in Xinjiang province.”  The country is about to invest substantial capital in Xinjiang to try and increase the GDP ratio “and per capita income of the people of Xinjiang Province.”