Deloitte Grows in Asia

Revenues in Asia Pacific grew 9 percent, making it the region with the fastest growth for the sixth consecutive year. Korea and India are part of the member firms that have grown over 20 percent. Deloitte China has grown by 8 percent. The market share of the Fortune Global 500 rose 2 percentage points in the Asia-Pacific. The Deloitte member firms have also contributed to the achievement of some of the largest IPO on the markets.

Investments in Fixed Assets Rose 24.8% from January in China

Fixed Asset Investments in China during the first eight months increased by 24.8% yoy to reach 14,100 billion yuan, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said on Saturday.

The growth rate was 0.1 percentage point lower than that for the first seven months.The investments in the state and controlled by the state rose 20.0% to 5850 billion yuan.

Investments in the property market rose by 36.7% to 2,840 billion yuan during the first eight months.

Investment in projects of the central government rose by 11.4% to 1120 billion yuan, while investment in projects of local governments increased by 26.1% to 12,980 billion yuan during the first eight months .

Foreign investment rose 2.5% to 488.7 billion yuan from January to August over a year. Investment from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan rose 15.8% to 445.4 billion yuan. The domestic business investment rose by 26.3% to 13,110 billion yuan.

SEC Point Capital Inflows Stock

Conrad Theerachai Secretary-General of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said that foreign investment flows to the Thai bond market. And the stock market surpassed the 900 point of talking to foreign securities companies were foreign investors that Thailand’s equity investment. Because the rate of economic growth has been high the credit rating has been organized well. And improved management of government listed companies. The SEC continues to monitor continuously and believes that once Thai shares rose to another level and price incentives would not be diluted by market forces.

The bond market showed rapid growth. The value of the bond market increased from 11,000 million dollars. Representing 11 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) is U.S. $ 193,000 million. Representing 70 percent of GDP after the crisis in Thailand in 2540 through the bond market. Of capital inflows reached U.S. $ 3,000 million during the past eight months.

James Donovan Investing in Hong Kong and China

James Donovan Goldman SachsJames Donovan used to be an investment banker in the same vein as a Goldman Sachs Partner or Citi Bank fund manager. But that was 25 years ago.  Now James Donovan heads up one of the biggest clean tech investment firms in the world called FirstCarbon Solutions.

Under the guidance of James Donovan FirstCarbon Solutions partners with its clients to figure out what their business challenges are. They offer recommendations and implement carbon-management solutions that make business sense today.

Many of the companies that James Donovan and his FirstCarbon Solutions are in Hong Kong and China.  By partnering with growing companies in this budding arena of global investment, James Donovan has secured himself a leading role in Asian business and investment growth. Most recently FirstCarbon Solutions has recently run a seminar on its expanding operations in China.

“As an organization’s operations grow, so does the demand for managing, reporting and reducing GHG emissions,” said James Donovan, CEO, FirstCarbon Solutions. “The Mandarin version of FirstCarbon Solutions ghgTrack will provide local Chinese companies with a cost-effective software solution that’s easy-to-use yet robust enough to meet data-intensive demands as requirements grow. No matter the size of the organization, collecting, reporting and managing GHG emissions begins with data, and tools like FirstCarbon Solutions ghgTrack help companies make sense of it all.”

The Foreign Investment Fund Targeting the Domestic Private Firms

The Fund for Southeast Asia ( ASEAF ) , created by Aureos ( Aureos Capital) , has decided to invest 4.2 million dollars in the stock company of the digital world Anh Tran .

“Vietnam is a country with a young population. Demand for electronic products, including computers, will see a sharp increase in times to come. We have chosen the company Tran Anh after careful studies of its business strategies and management,” informed Dô Doan Kien , head of representative office of Aureos Capital in Vietnam. Following in the footsteps of Aureos Capital, Vietnam Azalea Fund, a fund within Mekong Capital, has spent $ 9.1 million to repurchase 2.7 million shares (6.7% of capital ) of the Joint Stock Company Nam Long Investment.

For its part, VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund (VOF) has invested approximately $ 15 million in premium , a private group specializing in the production of tiles sanitary . Ditto for the repurchase of 7.5 % stake in Dragon Capital.

Mekong CapitalMany foreign funds are committed to investing in private companies . Mekong Capital said that it will create a new fund (Mekong III ) from 150 million this year to participate in the capital of non-state joint stock companies in Vietnam. Having made the investment in the company Tran Anh ASEAF mobilize capital to increase its share capital by 250 million dollars . SMEs are the target. “Vietnam is one of our six strategic markets for investment , ” said Doan Kien Doh , head of the representative office of Aureos Capital. “Within 10 years , Vietnamese companies will become the leading emerging companies in Southeast Asia. Private companies operating in many business sectors in Vietnam are helping to create investment opportunities for foreign funds,” said Paul Coleman, financial expert from Price Waterhouse Coopers Vietnam .

Investor Profile: Adam Roseman of ARC China

Adam RosemanLed by Adam Roseman, ARC China is considered one of the most exciting young investment companies in Southern California today. As the founder and CEO of ARC China, he has, since 2005, facilitated investment of over 150 million dollars into various sustainability projects in third world nations. Not only was Adam Roseman one of the first investors to actively put investment capital into China and Hong Kong, he uses a proven on-the-ground active investment strategy to promote investment in local corporations from the ground up.

Before Adam Roseman began his venture into ARC China Inc. he was a part of the Mergers & Acquisitions area of Barrington Associates. Adam Roseman was also a member of Lehman Brothers’ Investment Banking Group, Piper Jaffray, and Goldman Sachs.

Venture Fund Actively Attracts Foreign Capital

Korea Venture InvestmentSmall Business Administration Executive Director Gim Dong Seon has said: diversification of  venture capital investment funds and venture companies to the globalization of foreign investments that have been promoted since last year  has led to tangible results , resulting in a competitive small and medium enterprises.  Venture investment is expected to be more and more as time continues.

AJUIB funds held by the General Assembly, the Korea Venture Investment (NYSE Celltrion ), and the Belgian Solvay ( chemicals Specialized Group ) Saga investment cooperation MOU signed last April for 20 Billion Dollar. The Solvay predecessor fund investment and South Korea invested 100 billion.

Evolvence Capital in Dubai Invests in India

Khaled al Muhairi Evolvence CapitalEvolvence Capital investment fund in Dubai, competent in the field of alternative investments announced its intention to invest from a pool of  400 million U.S. dollars equivalent to one billion and 472 million dirhams from Complex Companies and institutional investors and high net worth individuals around the world.

Khaled al- Muhairi , CEO of Evolvence Capital, told reporters on July 21st, in Dubai that the Indian economy has shown remarkable resilience in coping with the repercussions of the global financial crisis , as it has maintained a record growth rate of 2.7 per cent during the current fiscal year 2010.

Khaled al- Muhairi explained that this growth is based on a broad base of potential and long-term fundamentals in the private equity sector in India, which represents an important market for Evolvence Capital through effective investments since 2004 .

Khaled al- Muhairi and that Evolvence Capital is to provide exceptional return on investments for its clients by identifying attractive investment opportunities in India, where Evolvence Capital Fund will focus on new categories of growth in the market for medium-sized companies needing to increase their capital to expand their work.

Oman Investment Fund – Indian capital of 1.5 billion dollars

OmanMinister of National Economy and Deputy Chairman of the Financial Affairs and Energy Resources Ahmed bin Abdul Nabi Makki tomorrow ‘s visit to India to sign the final agreement with the Indian Oman Investment Fund – worth 5.1 billion dollars.

An official source in Oman to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) , who preferred anonymity said that the Fund will provide support for bilateral trade and joint investment between the two countries , pointing out that the agreement would help both countries to ensure the financing of a number of projects.

He added that the Sultanate will be the first Gulf country to sign a joint investment fund agreement with India and will have a significant economic Mrod between the two countries during the coming years.

The agreement was reached during the visit of Indian Prime Minister of the Sultanate in 2008 where they signed a memorandum of understanding between the two countries to be an initial capital fund of 100 million dollars.

The Fund would be managed by the Reserve Fund of the Sultanate is the investment arm of the Sultanate and the Bank ( State of India).

India is one of the top trading partners of the Sultanate , where the volume of trade exchange between them 5.2 billion dollars

Council for Science and Technology Has Selected 8 Priority Areas

Japanese Government Council for Science and Technology (and former Prime Minister Naoto Kan, president ) on Wednesday selected 8 key strategy areas of science and technology in particular to focus on as part of a budget allocation request “action plan.”  One of them is the 100,000 genome ( genome ) to help decode the prevention of disease “research Genomukohoto “ with the current emphasis on life and health. Another area of focus is the environmental field of long lasting fuel cell development.

This development plan adopted by the cabinet in June is the first attempt to realize a new growth strategy A decision will be made soon at the plenary session in order promote concrete policies and budget requests to the ministry efficiently .

The Genomukohoto study takes about 20 years to register 100,000 people who wish to track the health status and to develop prevention methods against diseases such as dementia and strokes while using genetic information to decipher preventative methods.