India’s Booming Economy Doesn’t Reflect Its Women

While the economy in India goes from strength to strength with the trend set to continue, it seems the women of the country feel there is little to celebrate.  Indian finance officials predicted that if the economy “sustains a nine per cent GDP growth” in the next decade, the economy is likely to reach a staggering $ six trillion.  If this is the case, why do the women feel there is nothing to celebrate alongside their sisters on International Women’s Day on March 8?  Most are unaware of the date and its significance (which began in 1910 at a conference to change women’s difficult work conditions, leading to the UN declaration in 1977 of this date being the International Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace).  Indeed, one Indian school teacher commented, “International Women’s Day makes no difference to me. I go to school, and I get back home to do my chores.”  For her – like many other women in India – no matter how the country is advancing – at the end of the day she still needs to work her fingers to the bone to keep everything on track. 

Women’s Plight “Dismal”

It seems there is little for the women of India to celebrate.  Content writer at PlaNET Surf Smriti K thus pointed out that “it makes no sense to celebrate such days when there is no real difference to the plight of ordinary women.”  This seems like such a shame since they should be benefiting from how the Indian economy is set to grow to nearly $1.8 trillion in the next two or three years.  If this really happens then it will result in the country becoming a world power, but if the women are still suffering and their plight is really so dismal, then the extreme disparity in the country cannot be good.
Perhaps if the women could find ways to celebrate International Women’s Day and to be more assertive and fight for more rights then they too could benefit from the country’s successfully developing economy.  When that happens, the whole country can start to enjoy the fruits of their labor.