Global Sources Says That Rising Chinese Prices Drive Away Buyers

chinese-pricesGlobal Sources conducted a survey of 385 business buyers. According to the survey, a majority of purchasers pay prices that are too high for Chinese products. Chinese exports are losing their competitive edge against lower-cost countries, especially for low-price goods.

Sixty-eight percent of those answering the survey said that the yuan’s appreciation has changed their sourcing strategy regarding Chinese goods.

One-third of respondents predict that the yuan to will rise to 6.5 to the U.S. dollar during the next half year.

In response to the rising yuan, 54 percent said that they will import from less expensive countries such as Vietnam and India. However, buyers will still purchase from China for goods that have short delivery schedules or detailed specifications.

Global Sources’ President of Corporate Affairs, Craig Pepples said that “Given the changing price point of China products, China exporters must work harder to market themselves and justify higher prices in terms of service, product quality or production volume.”