Getting the Best of Both Worlds: China and Israel Join Hands

China-Israel InvestmentsSince China has the cash and Israel has the techno-know-how, Shanghai-born investor Jay Young saw an opportunity. She began seeking out high-tech opportunities in Israel for Chinese investors to make everyone a winner. Educated in China and the West, Young has worked extensively in the fields of pension funds and investing in the Chinese government market. She is now moving into the Israeli economy.

Young is helping those Chinese high net worth individuals (the country today ranks number four in the world) make some great Israeli investments. Israelis don’t have to worry about the Chinese stealing their ideas though; they simply want to jump on the bandwagon from investing with them. The Chinese simply don’t want to waste the time and resources it takes to constantly update and develop technology, especially if Israelis are already doing it so well. In this way, Young has hit the nail on the head; Israel can continue working on R&D without worrying about the finances while China can sit back and give it the necessary funds, ensuring a generous outcome for both partners.

Areas where the two countries are joining forces today are renewable energy (water purification and desert farming) and advancements in production technology, health and education.