Charity Begins at Home for Toshiba


Charity Begins at Home for Toshiba

Hello Tosh; Gotta Toshiba?

Perhaps it was before your time but Toshiba really nailed it with that 1984 advertising campaign.   It’s funny because way back then it was all about the stereo….how far things have come.  Today Toshiba is still in the news, forever the helpful.  Along with Hitachi, the company had sent “hundreds of staff to provide support at Japan’s stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant and to carry out checks at the neighboring Daini plant.”  Clearly for Toshiba, charity begins at home.

<h3>Hitachi and Toshiba Make Waves After Quake</h3>

Following the earthquake and tsunami both Toshiba and Hitachi supplied the Daiichi plant with reactors.  Indeed, a 100-man team was sent to the two Fukushima plants from Toshiba and Hitachi sent 120 –man team to the Daiichi plant.  This is in addition to other mega-assistance both companies are sending.

<h3>Japanese Markets Continue to Soar</h3>

Despite everything that’s been going on, Tokyo Electric Power Co., rose 16 percent with Toshiba Corp. increasing 12 percent.  In addition, an additional 11 percent was gained by JX Holdings Inc. with Nippon Steel Corp., gaining a further 7.5 percent.

<h3>Improving Japanese Stock Market</h3>

The Japanese stock market is improving, with trade figures for today increasing, in the anticipation that the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant is being contained.  As well, the Bank of Japan is not showing any signs of pulling out of its emergency fund provision to “soothe the jittery markets” which also “boosted sentiment,” at around yen 2 trillion into the short-term money market.

The Japanese are clearly banding together.  There is major support from the country’s successful companies and the central bank.  No doubt all this backing will lead to a smooth recovery from Japan’s recent disaster.