Asian Art Investments

Southeast Asian art is gaining greater recognition as a potential investment.  According to Southeast Asian Christies Specialist, Dexter How, the art there has encountered a “20-30 percent growth over the last five to ten years but it still depends on factors such as the rarity, provenance, and condition of the piece.”


Thus the success of the recent global Spring Masters New York – depicting art from Asia (as well as Europe and the US) – should come as no surprise.   Two of the Asian vendors this year were: Wahei Aoyama, Yufuku Gallery (Tokyo) and the Sundaram Tagore Gallery (with a presence in New York, Hong Kong and Singapore).  In terms of Europe and America, participating galleries included Phoenix Ancient Art (that has a presence in both Europe and the US), Trinity House (New York and the UK) and Jerome Zodo Gallery (Italy and the UK), to name but a few.
But it’s not just about the finances of this.  At the event ProjectArt was there teaching about what it does. This non-profit organization has one goal: to put paintbrushes in the hands of young American children whose schools lack the resources to provide adequate arts education.”