Investor Profile: Adam Roseman of ARC China

Adam RosemanLed by Adam Roseman, ARC China is considered one of the most exciting young investment companies in Southern California today. As the founder and CEO of ARC China, he has, since 2005, facilitated investment of over 150 million dollars into various sustainability projects in third world nations. Not only was Adam Roseman one of the first investors to actively put investment capital into China and Hong Kong, he uses a proven on-the-ground active investment strategy to promote investment in local corporations from the ground up.

Before Adam Roseman began his venture into ARC China Inc. he was a part of the Mergers & Acquisitions area of Barrington Associates. Adam Roseman was also a member of Lehman Brothers’ Investment Banking Group, Piper Jaffray, and Goldman Sachs.

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  3. […] Adam Roseman, Founder and Managing Director of ARC China, today announced that he will moderate a panel discussion titled “Examining The Development & Growth Of A Sustainable Domestic Private Equity & Venture Capital Ecosystem In China: What More Is Needed For The Long Term Strength Of The Industry?” during the China Summit at SuperReturn Asia 2010. […]

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